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Welcome to the Fairwinds Lifestyle! We are proud to share our limited production Napa Valley wine collection with you.

Fall 2022 Releases


2020 Chardonnay – Russian River Valley

Although a fathom is now a nautical unit of length equal to six feet, it was once defined by an act of Parliament as “the length of a man’s arms around the object of his affections.” The word derives from the Old English Faethm, which means “embracing arms.”

Hailing from the cool and foggy climate for the Russian River Valley in Sonoma County, this beautiful medium-bodied wine was grown slowly to build intense flavors over time. This wine was aged in French oak and displays a beautiful balance of fruit, oak and liveliness on the palate and exhibits lush mango and toasted almond. Balanced fruit with tarte acidity makes this wine a classic example of Premium Russian River Chardonnay.

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$45 / Bottle

Charlie Noble

2019 Blanc de Blancs – Méthode Champenoise – Napa Valley

Charlie Noble is an “it,” not a “he.” A British merchant service captain, Charles Noble, is said to be responsible for the origin, about 1850, of this nickname for the galley smokestack. It seems that Captain Noble, discovering that the stack of his ship’s galley was made of copper, ordered that it be kept bright. The ship’s crew then started referring to the stack as the “Charlie Noble.”

We introduce you to Charlie Noble. This premium sparkling wine – meticulously and artfully made in the traditional champagne method – rivals anything found from the best Champagne houses in Épernay and Reims. Blended superbly from 100% Chardonnay, this magnificent Napa Valley Blanc de Blancs exhibits beautiful green apple and tropical notes in the aroma follow through in the mouth with a smooth fine mousse. This wine finishes with refreshing, lingering light tropical flavors that beg for another sip.

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$65 / Bottle

Blind Eye

2018 Cabernet Sauvignon – Napa Valley

The brilliant and audacious Admiral Lord Nelson held the telescope to his blind eye and claimed not to see the signal to retreat. He won the battle.

A classic Napa Cab, bold and tannic. This ruby beauty packs a big rose, cherry and currant nose with full bodied chewy cherry flavors and a lingering berry finish. Well balanced and suitable for cellaring.

**Club Members Enjoy a 20% Discount to Retail Price Below**
$75 / Bottle


2019 Petit Verdot – Mount Veeder, Napa Valley

The casks of drinking water on ships were called scuttlebutts, and since Sailors exchanged gossip when they gathered at the scuttlebutt, the term became U.S. Navy slang for gossip or rumors. A butt was a wooden cask which held water or wine; to scuttle is to drill a hole, as for tapping a cask.

Petit Verdot is a thick-skinned grape expressing a dense, deep ruby color. Aromas are dark and brooding, with blackberry, black cherry, fig, mocha, dried herbs, and savory truffles. Oak barrels contribute a caramel and toasted marshmallow nuance, along with some baking spices. The entry is juicy, with mouthwatering acidity. A rich midpalate leads to flavors of dark plum, black cherry, mocha, coffee, and dark chocolate. Ripe, pronounced tannins are present from start to finish.

**Available to Club Members Only with a 20% Discount to Retail Price Below**
$60 / Bottle


2019 Cabernet Franc – Mount Veeder, Napa Valley

In seafaring language, a windfall is a sudden rush of wind that helps propel the ship forward. Now we all know windfall better as meaning a stroke of good luck.

Lean into this complex cab franc that has layered notes of boysenberry jam, black olives, and dark red cherries. The pallet is tannic and earthy like good espresso, with a dark coco powdered long finish.

**Available to Club Members Only with a 20% Discount to Retail Price Below**
$55 / Bottle
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